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The most important thing in the game are items which you can get during the campaign.  Each hero has his own inventory, where you have to put items which he requires   and clash royale hack  or  slither io hack The  and Pokemon GO hack cheats and  and    also idm  crack free download full version When you collect six of them, you can promote your heroes to the next class. Of course with each level of class   it will be much harder to collect items which he requires. From my experience some items require the creation of other subjects. Often we will need a few of the same type to make it better. I am sure that everyone will realize which   items will be needed not long after he or she tries to play this game. Items, of course, can also be bought in a store. You can buy them with Gold or Diamonds. There is no easy way to get Diamonds, like any mobile game that is free, as much as this one. It has micro transactions. We

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to pay for Diamonds. That is why it is good to have Magic Rush Heroes Cheat, which will allow us to generate for some Diamonds and add them to your account. In the initial state game is easy to play with Diamonds you get at start but later   on you will most likely to get them somehow. You can buy them in game or use Magic Rush Heroes Cheat to generate them. I found this solution after searching through the Internet. Returning to our Heroes, each of them also has a unique attack, which can be used in combat once your     hero energy is loaded. I always save it for last wave of enemies or for some most powerful bosses. It just makes it easier to defeat them. Each skill can be upgraded. With bigger level of your hero, his attack will also deal more damage. There are few kinds of unique skills. Some of them can attack all enemies on the arena or just attack one hero, but with incredible power. There is also spell of healing and spell of protection. Some heroes can create special shield    and   and     and    and    or    and     reduce attack of your  . So you have to collect your own team with unique skills.


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