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If you are one of thousands out there that need the services of a transcription service to convert you audio to the text, look no further than to take care of your needs. We transcribe audio to the text like no other, helping people from all walks of life from high school students to small businesses to professional speakers. At, we understand that sometimes there are time constraints involved that make the process to convert audio to the text, or translate audio to the text nearly impossible. With our team of professional transcribers numbering in the hundreds, we have the ability to convert audio file to text quickly, and with the accuracy you demand. When you use our services at, you will find out why thousands have come to us again and again when they require an audio to the text convert they can depend on. So no matter if it is data from a medical dictation or legal question and answer session, we have the capability to take that audio file to text in no time at all.
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We Provide Audio to the Text Conversion You Can Depend On

At, we price you through several options: by word, by line, or even per report. Depending on your needs, we still provide some of the most competitive rates in the industry, with several features offered as well. There are an array of formatting options to choose from, file transfer from email, web, or FTP, website with full traffic, and a host of other nice options available as part of our sign-up process. We cover a wide area of transcription: dictation, interview, podcast, medical ,legal, seminars, focus group, conference call transcription and many more.

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